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2nd Music Hackathon

National Academy of Music
Prof. Pancho Vladigerov

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Categories - Challenges
​​Music Education
  1. Managing Director
    i) Use the concepts of gamified music education to develop an app/technology with a purpose to improve the learning process & students’ skills (e.g. timing, coordination, reflex, memory, problem-solving, strategic thinking, etc.) ii) Compose, record and arrange a song for Music Hackathons Bulgaria. You can use all types of music styles (beatboxing, folk music, rap, etc.) and instruments. You can use different experimenting technologies and demonstrate how they work (https://experiments.withgoogle.com/ai). iii) Develop a project to use OpenMusic for educational purposes, think out of the box! (OpenMusic is a visual programming language based on Lisp. http://repmus.ircam.fr/openmusic/home). iv) Make a performance of a Bulgarian song using only mobile music instruments (For ex. Pocket Trombone, Pocket Guitar, Pocket Shaker, Drum Meister, Accordion app, etc.). v) Create a melody/sound to express happiness and an award. The melody/sound has to be reproduced without loudspeaker but from the device equipped only with a buzzer. vi) Just be creative and develop a project on your own!
​​Music Technologies and Applications
  1. Managing Director
    i) Develop a project for a barcode sounding, which should read a 1D or 2D barcode to generate different sounds, depending on the barcode. You can use sound effect libraries (http://www.freesfx.co.uk/soundeffects/, http://soundimage.org/, etc. ). ii) Use digital art tools such as Max/MSP, PD, ChucK, Processing, Unity 3D, SuperCollider, OpenFrameworks to create music technology project. iii) Develop an app for iOS for easier training for playing bagpipe (https://flutter.io/). iv) Develop an application for the Android system that simulates experimental music instrument/s on your phone/tablet screen. (http://www.eamir.org/developers/eamir-sdk). v) Develop an application for the Android system that visualizes the nature sounds (water, storm, etc.) on your phone/tablet screen. vi) Design and prototype a roll-up bagpipe or a Pocket bagpipe app. vii) Just be creative and develop a project on your own!
​​​​Music Mobile Games
  1. Managing Director
    i) Develop a music mobile gesture recognition game. ii) Use Google's TensorFlow (https://www.tensorflow.org/) system to create a Game project. iii) Design and prototype a game for learning the basics of how to read a sheet music. iv) Create a Music Mobile Game project using tools for machine learning (e.g., Wekinator, Weka, GestureFollower, etc.) v) Develop a mobile game for teaching classical instruments. vi) Just be creative and develop a project on your own!
​​ Smart City, Music, and Robots​​
  1. Managing Director
    i) Create a music project (3D printed music project) for nontraditional city spaces (Use Fun theory http://www.thefuntheory.com/). ii) Use different materials (wood, metal, glass, etc.) to prototype a smart construction to perform the diversity of animals sounds – link the nature with nature. iii) Develop an emoticon sound device (Screen) project/app to be placed at Smart city nontraditional spaces, when a user makes a facial expression on a screen (Smile, etc.), the device has to sound differently. You can use sound effect libraries (http://www.freesfx.co.uk/soundeffects/, http://soundimage.org/, etc. ). You can use a technology on your own (http://ismm.ircam.fr/category/software/). iv) Design, prototype and develop musical shoes using Gesture Based Music concept. v) Just be creative and develop a project on your own!
​​Music, Math and Science
  1. Managing Director
    i) Develop a platform consisting a collection of MOOC courses for music education, the platform has to has a functionality to search for an instrument, music style, etc. ii) Develop a creative mechanism to show the connection between science and music, explain mathematics through music and vice versa. iii) Create a project to explain/visualize/perform the music impact on health. This can be a song, a game, an app, etc. Just be creative and think out of the box. iv) Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

Music, Math and Science


  • The teams can be up to 4 members, recommended 2-3
  • One team can present more than one project, and work on more than one challenge
  • Each team gets 4-5 minutes to present the project
  • When you create your projects, you can use all types of music, all musical instruments, and sounds
  • You have to upload your project before 02.00 pm on the 12th of November 2017
  • English is preferable speaking language but not obligatory, you can present your project in Bulgarian as well
  • Projects will not be accepted if they include obscene or discriminatory language
  • The intellectual property rights of hacks produced at the event belong to the teams, who produced/created/designed them 
  • You have to bring to the event a prototype if you have created such
  • In case you need of any specific technologies/tools/sound devices/facilities, etc. to present your project, you have to bring them to the event
  • If you have any questions send an e-mail: info@music-hackathons.org
& Teamwork

How the music-technology solution is presented/performed and explained by the team? 
& Design

How technology have been used? How well designed is the solution? How impactful will this solution be for its target audience - music & technology?
Business Potential & Sustainability

Can you be a “significant player” in the music-technoogy market? Can the product/service be successfully monetized? How the idea can be evolved in the future?
Music Acumen
& Tone

Does the solution have anything to do with music (Interpretation - expression/ style/ tempo/ instruments)? What is the pitch accuracy and tone quality?
& Usability

How original is this solution? Was the idea unique, or a different take on an existing/similar one? Is it user-friendly? 
will be announced on the 1st of November!
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